Wiley Heights Covenant Church - Bringing Good News

I'm New to Wiley Heights

Welcome to Wiley Heights. We are an intergenerational church with more than a 100 year old history in the Yakima Valley. We have served as a church community helping people follow Jesus, by providing opportunities to worship, grow in their faith, and serve our community and the world.

A few things you might be interested in….

Our church includes people on every step of the faith journey and those who still checking things out.

We worship weekly on Sundays at 10:30 AM.

We are located 1 mile past the Wiley City turnoff and up the hill on Gilbert Rd. You can find directions and a map on our contacts page.

We desire for everyone to have a living relationship with Jesus Christ.

We have a long history of serving the community and the world.

We take very seriously Jesus’ command to “love one another.”

We enjoy reading the Bible and helping people understand it better.

We are part of a family of churches known as the Evangelical Covenant Church.

You can find out more of what we believe under About Us.