Wiley Heights Covenant Church is a multi-generational congregation, which meets regularly to worship and honor God. We are devoted to Pastor Mark knowing our Triune God better and to loving Him more. We also desire to engage each other in Christian community serving one another, our community, and the world.

Worship on a typical Sunday morning includes warm greetings shared among the congregation and prayer that lifts and enriches as we present ourselves to our Heavenly Father through Christ the Lord. Preaching focuses on Biblical exposition with energy channeled to applying divine truth and principle to where we live.

A welcome is extended to every guest young or mature at Wiley Heights Covenant Church. If there is desire on your part to partner with like-minded individuals to know God better and to love Him more, as well as sharing your life with the lives of others on spiritual pilgrimage, come worship with us. Together we will be filled with purpose and joy as we stand shoulder to shoulder striving to promote faith and brotherhood under the direction of the Holy Spirit.

Sunday School

The Lord has truly blessed our Sunday school program. Our program is open to all ages and runs from September through June. Excellent classes are held for all age groups, so that members can grow in their knowledge of the Lord. Age groups for Sunday School classes are for all ages. For more information, check out the Sunday School page.

The Morning Schedule

We take Communion the first Sunday of every month.

Communion Table Music at the Sunday morning worship service is led by our Worship Team.

Nursery care is provided during the Sunday morning worship service for babies and toddlers with two attendants.

Following each Sunday morning service, a time of fellowship with refreshments is held in the Fellowship Hall.

Our sanctuary and church are graced with beautiful religious-themed banners, created by Carolyn Van de Graaf. To view some of Carolyn's banners and find out the meaning behind these artistic creations, click here.