Church Leadership

Ultimately as a church we are lead by Jesus Christ. The authority of our church is found within the church membership. They steward responsibilities of leadership to our elected Leadership Team.

Church Staff

Mark Swanson: Pastor
Nancy Asbury: Church Secretary

Leadership Team

The Leadership Team is responsible for building, maintaining, and overseeing the spiritual welfare of the congregation. They are also responsible for directing and overseeing all ministries and business affairs of the church.

These are the current members:
Leslie Shields: Co-Chair
Doug Field: Co-Chair
Elaine Anderson: Secretary
Chuck Tissell: Vice Chair
Cindy Tissell: Treasurer
Dave Elzie
Steve Carlson
Dan Snipes
Mark Swanson

Ministry Teams

Mission & Care Ministry Team
Christian Formation Ministry Team
Sunday Ministry Team
Trustees Ministry Team

If you would like to learn more about what we do Sunday mornings,
head over to our Worship page.