Miss Marian and the Bunnies from Wiley Heights

Welcome to the world of Miss Marian and the Bunnies from Wiley Heights!

Located about 15 minutes from Yakima, WA, surrounded by orchards and other lovely farmland, we are a country church, with a long history in the area. Come out and see us!

Miss Marian

You need to know that Miss Marian (Anderson) is a real person who lives in a real little red house out by the church. You’ll find out more about her in the many stories of the bunnies, Kanin—pronounced ‘Kah-neen’ (that means rabbit in Swedish, I hope!) and his little brother Broder—pronounced ‘Bro-ter’ (that means brother in Norwegian). Actually, many of the friends you will meet in these stories are based on real people! Kanin and Broder are, really, two very special brothers I know...Isn’t that wonderful?

The bag your book comes in has been lovingly fashioned out of recycled quilts, comforters, and other much loved materials. If your bag looks quilted, it may be part of a quilt that was made at our church.

We want to teach you about God's love for you and how you can share that love with others. This will be so much fun! We have 12 small books in this series of stories. You can download the first 3 chapters for a sneak peak of the adventures happening around swede hill.

Meet the Brothers

Kanin and Broder

Meet Kanin and Broder, the two brothers from Swede Hill.

Meet the Author


This is Anne. She is the record keeper for all the bunnies around Wiley Heights.

The Display


This is the entire package.

How To Get The Stories For Yourself

Have you been completely captivated by these little guys and cant wait to see what happens next? You can get your own copy by either calling the church at 509-966-2383, or by email Anne at anne@wileyheightscovenant.org

"Miss Marian and the Bunnies from Wiley Heights" is a publication of Wiley Heights Covenant Church.

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