Matt and Kristy Faber

Matt and Kristy Faber Matt & Kristy are both grade 8 teachers at the Rift Valley Academy that is a boarding school for missionary children of all denominations. Matt teaches math and runs an anime club on Saturday afternoons for 30-50 kids. Kristy teaches English, is part of the drama department, and mentors a group of senior girls who meet at their house each week. She often does costumes and makeup for the high school dramas, and has directed junior high dramas which they put on for the elementary school.

Rift Valley Academy, or RVA, is an international boarding school on the edge of the Great Rift Valley in Kenya, East Africa. RVA has a student population of nearly 500 students, and is one of the largest boarding schools of its kind in the world. We serve the children of missionaries, nationals and diplomats, many who live and work in very remote areas which have no access to any kind of educational options. This means that we have students from 22 different nationalities attending here. Although RVA is staffed by AIM missionaries, the school teaches the children of many mission organizations. The school operates on a year round basis, three months of school followed by one month of vacation, designed to give the students and their parents quality time together.

Matt is part of the activities committee, which means he plans and usually helps to run many of the Friday or Saturday evening activities. With a school of 500, it is important to make sure our students have things to do! Matt also serves on the video preview committee that watches and rates all the movies that we keep in our library for student viewing, and teaches an 8th grade Sunday School class on Heaven and Hell during second term.

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If you would like to contact them directly, they can be reached at there office:

Kristy and Matt Faber
Rift Valley Academy
PO Box 80
Kijobe, Kenya
East Africa